DBC Building Fund

DBC building fund 

The church building

We meet in it every Sunday and throughout the week for services and many other activities, but unfortunately DBC's present church building is coming to the end of its useful life; it is also, praise God, getting too small! The time was ripe for the Building Project. In order to raise funds for the new building we will be organising many events over the next few years, and we'd love you to join us!

Fundraising activities

So far there have been two extremely enjoyable Murder Mystery Nights, a Beetle Drive, three Quiz Nights, a Popcorn & Candyfloss Party, an Art & Craft Fair, a successful 100-Days-Without-Chocolate challenge, a sponsored walk/run/ride/pram-push around Draycote Water, two Hardanger embroidery workshops, a Jukebox concert, a Remembrance event, two curry evenings, an Arabic food event, a Cream Tea, Shisha embroidery workshops, Christmas Craft Fairs, a Previously Loved Sale, freestyle embroidery workshops, Christmas embroidery workshops, a Chaplain's cruise with tea & cake, Virtual Reality games, goldwork embroidery, a seed share and a Dutch baking workshop.

If you'd like to join in future events check here what's going on, and don't forget to have a look at our ongoing activities for some lovely gift ideas!


Ongoing activities