Holiday Club at DBC

What's the next adventure?

Over the years at Holiday Club we've run a fish & chip shop, been undercover agents, participated in the Olympics, gone into space, become inventors, had a polar adventure and confronted monsters, and in 2017 we went on a cruise – but not just any old cruise, this was an Adventure Cruise!

And what will 2018 bring? If you've ever been to Holiday Club you will know that whatever the theme, you can always be sure there will be singing, crafts, stories, memory verses, games, and lots of fun. Keep an eye on this page as Summer 2018 approaches and all the information you need will be here.

Holiday Club

If you would like to find out about previous Holiday Clubs, there are pictures of 2010 (Rocky's Plaice), 2011 (Mission: Rescue), 2012 (On Your Marks…), 2013 (Space Academy), 2014 (Mega Makers), 2015 (Polar Explorers), 2016 (Monsters Stink!), and 2017 (Adventure Cruise).

Holiday Club is led by a team of adults who are all aware of the Baptist Union Safe to Grow procedures and who also ensure that a safe and secure environment is provided at all times.