Holiday Club 2011 – Mission: Rescue

With Agent Rev DW on a rescue mission at DBC Holiday Club!

Entering Holiday Club through a metallic door, having your fingers scanned to confirm that your prints were on the "approved" database … what was going on? Yes, it was Mission: Rescue – two teams, the Undercover Agents and the Double Agents, learnt new skills and gained more knowledge every day to help them accomplish their mission. And let's not forget the special Shrunken Agents, especially recruited for Miniature Missions!

Every morning we enjoyed creating crafts, singing, challenges, the story of Moses, the memory verse and the Croc Crunch. We made a huge book with each page representing one of the five stories that we heard about Moses – there was a page with bulrushes, one with a burning bush, one with Pharaoh saying No, a door with mysterious red stains on it, and two walls of water (can you identify the stories?)

And the teams competed for points with just about everything: Who could make the most noise for their team? And who could be quietest? Who remembered every word of the Bible Memory Verse? And who could identify all Agent Clueseau's clues while watching the story? Who did the best actions while singing the songs? And who caught the most food with our hungry Nile Crocodile?

Then there was the story of Agents 1,2 and A (played almost unrecognisably by Kim, Ste and Becca). One of them was not what he or she seemed … but who? Secret papers went missing, messages were destroyed, and more than once our brave agents were completely in the dark about what to do next. But in the end, they completed their mission and caught the mole to great applause and admiration.

On Friday both children and helpers came in disguise. This must have greatly confused our intrepid spymaster Rev D W as he ended up with about four different identities that day, including Agent Clueseau who (oddly enough) had the same cod-French accent as last year's Chef at Rocky's Plaice … Some agents took their mission so seriously they turned up in double or triple disguises; but as we had had some great training in recognising spies in disguise, no-one was taken in by anyone.

At the end of the week we all knew a lot about Moses and the great rescue mission that God asked him to undertake, and we had crafts to remind us of all we'd learnt, including lots of frogs. Why? Because we had all become F.R.O.G. agents – Fully Relying On God!

Enjoy the pictures of Holiday Club 2011 – click on any of the pictures for a larger version. For pictures of Holiday Club 2010 click here.

Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011
The Undercover Agents reveal themselves Learning to see through disguises Agents 1 and 2 discuss their mission Shrunken Agents HQ
Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011
Singing about Moses "And this is how you disguise yourself" The Sweetie Lady gave out treats Spy Instruction Videos taught us more about Moses' Mission
Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011
Agent Clueseau told us what to look out for in the story Doing the actions to Jesus Is The Password Communication training: sending messages by plane Remembering the Bible verse
Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011
The Nile Crocodile had to be fed Shrunken Agents enjoying their crafts Some agents take this disguise business very seriously Unrecognisable, each and every one
Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011
Who can build the highest tower? Spy Masters & Agents in disguise Are you a F.R.O.G. agent yet? I know the answer!!!!
  Holiday Club 2011 Holiday Club 2011  
  Finding the stolen microchips can be a bit messy The Musical Agents (singing undercover songs)  

The holiday club was led by a team of adults who were all aware of the Baptist Union Safe to Grow procedures and who also ensured that a safe and secure environment was provided at all times.