Holiday Club 2015 – Polar Explorers

Discover a Pole – or even two!

Polar Explorers Where do Polar Explorers go? To the Pole! But which one? The Awesome Adventurers and the Terrific Trailblazers claimed one each. Inspired by the nearly famous explorer, Sir Random Finds (who was suitably adorned with a walrus moustache) they made their banners and equipment, played the Penguin Ski Slope Challenge, learnt verses, sang songs, and heard about the One who made the North Pole, the South Pole, and everything in between!

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Holiday Club 2015 - a Polar Explorer backpack Holiday Club 2015 - Enter the frozen world Holiday Club 2015 - The Explorer arrives Holiday Club 2015 - The Pole's behind you!
A backpack to take all that is needed for exploring the Pole Enter the frozen world of the Arctic; or is it the Antarctic? The Explorer arrives, fully kitted out with an insulating moustache Which way to the Pole? It's behind you!
Holiday Club 2015 - Waiting for the fun to begin Holiday Club 2015 - Entranced by the story Holiday Club 2015 - Dressing up Holiday Club 2015 - The Penguin Challenge
Waiting for the fun to begin Entranced by the story Dressing the part Penguin is ready for the challenge