Holiday Club 2016 – Monsters Stink!

Monsters aren't really scary at all, if you know how to handle them!

Monsters Stink! Throughout the week the red and blue teams (also known as the Barmy Beasts and the Crazy Critters) got to grips with monsters, assisting Monty the Monster Hunter who went to great lengths to catch the monster with his monster-catching cupboard.

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Holiday Club 2016 - An invitation to Monsters Stink! Holiday Club 2016 - Busily crafting Holiday Club 2016 - What lies behind that pretty door? Holiday Club 2016 - A self-made monster
An invitation to Monsters Stink! Busily crafting Making a door with a scream-collector to keep all your bits and bobs in A self-made monster
Holiday Club 2016 - Song and dance Holiday Club 2016 - It's behind you! Holiday Club 2016 - Decorated doors  
Daily exercises to the Monsters Inc. theme tune It's behind you! Decorated doors