Holiday Club 2018 – Pyramid Rock

Will we be crying for our mummy?

Pyramid Rock Come to Egypt and see… a Welsh camel? Yes, of course – and a Welsh explorer too! Meet Dai Jones, Wales' answer to Indiana.

Apart from that there were some of the more usual things you find on an archeological trip to Egypt, such as pyramids, a Pharaoh's crown, and, uhm, Minions.

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Holiday Club 2018 - Come in! Holiday Club 2018 - Dai Jones (Wales' answer to Indiana) and Plodwen the camel. Holiday Club 2018 - Trying on Pharaoh's special hat.
Come in! Dai Jones – Wales' answer to Indiana – and Plodwen the Camel. Trying on Pharaoh's special hat.
Holiday Club 2018 - There are helpers... Holiday Club 2018 - ...and there are Minions. Holiday Club 2018 - And of course there is a pyramid.
There are helpers… …and there are Minions. And of course there is a pyramid.