The armour of God

The Armour of God

Do you have a chest or basket with dressing-up clothes? It's like magic – you put on a costume and suddenly you're someone else!

Did you know there's a story in the Bible about dressing up? It says that if we want to fight against bad things, God gives us special clothes to put on, like a soldier who is going into a battle. You can find it in Ephesians 6.

But some of the words used there are quite difficult. Perhaps we can make it easier to remember?

If you want to fight against bad things, put on God's special soldier suit:

The belt of always telling the truth
The breastplate of being fair
The sandals of telling people about the peace of Jesus
The shield of your faith
The helmet of forgiveness for all the bad things you've done
The sword of the words of God

If you wear those clothes, you're sure to win!

Based on a meditation by Rev. A. van der Veer