Messy Church Messy Church at DBC – Harvest

For families of all ages. There are 4 elements: Welcome, Crafts, Worship & Food. All families welcome – please come and invite others!

Contact Lesley by or call 01788 810132 for more information (or ask at Noah's Ark). You can also find information on the Messy Church Facebook page.

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Messy Harvest - fruit and flowers Messy Harvest - the farm Messy Harvest - preparing next year's harvest
Harvest fruit and flowers The farm Preparing next year's harvest
Messy Harvest - the drawing room Messy Harvest - an autumnal tree Messy Harvest - a spelling bee
The drawing room An autumnal tree A spelling tree
Messy Harvest - singing together Messy Harvest - the cake Messy Harvest - it tastes as good as it looks
Singing together The harvest cake … … tastes as good as it looks!