Privacy Notice to collect and process data

Under Data Protection legislation the church Charity Trustees of Dunchurch Baptist Church are the Data Controller and the Church Secretary, Claire Siddaway, acts as our Data Protection Officer.

Names and contact details are held by the Church Secretary on her personal laptop which is password protected with a backup on a hard drive and Dropbox which is also password protected. Contact details will be removed from this List once people are no longer linked to the church – unless they ask us to retain this data in our contact list as one of our 'church community'.

If consent is given, names and contact details are included in the DBC Contact List which is distributed by email to all Church Members and a few other regular attenders and also in hard copy as appropriate. A list of telephone numbers is kept near the church phone. We will not give copies of the DBC Contact List to anyone else. People can ask for their details to be removed at any time.

To enable DBC to provide adequate pastoral support to people and their families, our Minister, Dave Woods, the Elders and the Pastoral Coordinator may record additional information some of which may be regarded as sensitive. This information will NOT be disclosed to anyone else without consent.

People have the right to ask to see any information DBC holds (including the pastoral support information) by submitting a 'Subject Access Request' to the Church Secretary. They also have the right to ask for information which they believe to be incorrect to be rectified.

If anyone is concerned about the way information is being handled they should speak to our . If they are still unhappy they have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.